Sunday, March 7, 2010

4 wheels

Went to the Mansion house to drink beers. Always a good posse.
Freeze and Drex
Bill, Evan, and Jimbo
A pile of Barf.
Saniuk swung by to pick us up. we went skating in downtown parkades.
Beers... check.
We got the boot hella fast from the old red coats. a good sesh none the less.
Me and evan met up with Marlena, Stelmack, and Jodi to go bowling on Academy.
Im down for bowling
My setup at the local hill. I was slangin hard.

Cole Middelton. Sickest skater in my town.
Some local Charlswood kids Dug out Komenda.
So fresh.
Nic and bryan. Oh you skate bro?
Doyle just wants to party and bullshit.
skate edit on the way soon.

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