Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We all go to a party

Taylor gave me a ride down to the city.
We went and rode Seymour
Keating was there making nike6.0 happy
Im down for seymour
Obrian took me down snowshoe. it was gnarly

There was pow, we got some.
Mall grab?
There was a girls contest that same day. Kea won best bail
And Taylor got third
ECS was shooting photos of the event.
Evan flossin the party snake/IS colab goggle. Pretty fresh
back in Whistler everyone was going down to the city
Jody, Derek, and Griffs setup is pretty tight.

Amanda had us over for dinner
Queso was crusing around.
Joe and the pup
Steph came by after work.
We reminisced all night about drunk party experiences
Me and Scotty at a super secret spot
Then i met up with Brockle and Stathis to hit another super secret spot
The streets?
Bit of a gear crisis, Im down.
Joe and Cole macin off
Its all Downhill from here folks
Oh Garfs. so many memories. Evan Hayden and Joe

Some people guys were there too. we got loose
Dont do it shark

Loose at Pizza

Party video droppin REAL SOON

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