Friday, March 12, 2010


I made the move back out west
Packed all my belonging into these cardboard boxes

Waiting for Clay to pick me up and who do i see
Josh Blasman.
Leyland picked me up
With Clay
They just got a new TV so we gamed for a bit.
Haydens rocking the Lshows new Snakebullet pro model, get yours.

Brendan lookin like carrot top
Jody at Earls
The Shred
with Keelan and Dandy
mad fools everywhere!
Lineups suck
Darrah and Burns
Hayden Method
Lucas Tailgrab
Derek just stomped
Kael and Colin lookin straight suspect while the hitched to the village
Met up with Carlino the next day for some more shred
Powder Hound Scott Serfas joined
helmet cams were out and about.

Carlino Stale
Hayden, fatty to flatty

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