Saturday, March 27, 2010

Californiacation two

Ive been blowing it on the blog posts. There was no internet up in big bear. 2 more big posts to come.
Early mornings with Lance
went to get some breakfast and saw this whip. Interesting sticker combo.
Jed chilling with Arwen, the most attention seeking cat on the planet.
Got to the Garvanzo skatepark. they were shooting a scooter commercial?
Jed Back crail
Crackin tail
We cruised to a pretty tight spot.
Dylan Rieders line is crazy
The ground here actually sucked. pretty harsh. Still super fun tho.
Jed, V heel
Squid showed us the spot
thanks dawg
This thing was real close to.
Its curved and has next to no landing.
Then we went to the Emporium and Bungeed Nimas Hommie Jake in.

Nima J. folks
Peepin footy

Jed and nima had to shoot some Krew stuff with photographer Shad Lambert.
Rap Album Cover

It was pretty nice up there
Nima saving Ned casuals life

And suddenly we were in Big bear. Jake OE and Big Lou rolled in.
Jed gets loose

Best spot in the AM.

Jarad Hadi Repping Canada. Thats whats up.

Big Bear.

Off mountain activities.

Desirees new look
Found this spot. Take away the snow and you got yourself a pretty fresh gap grinder.

The first of many hangs at the ashbury house hooked up by Bear.
Lots of folks rolling through

Dice was going off. Some heavy pots.
Larry showed up Amered drunk

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