Saturday, March 20, 2010

board or Die 2, lost in the backcountry

It was pretty warm one day so me and steve thought we would test our luck at the skatepark
found a dry quarter. Lil Stee- tailblock
the run up

We cruised down to Seymour again
Lodge chair
De-mo on Mystery

everyone hiked the bottom of the Soletech park for awhile
Tanner with a switch frontside 270 front board on the Corey p.
Nic Heringa fell
Matt getting up on his sponsorships box

Our crew: Lee, Spenc, and Tanner
Tanner with a ripping method on Dark run.
The Nike 6.0 park

Spencer with a front 3 indy over the death rocks
Tanner front 3 tail
Lee backflips the death rocks
Ruperts face
Derek slides
Good morning 6:30am

We saw Sean P when we were unloading the sleds

Clay doubled me. A true Champion
Clayton, Koia, and Brenden were the crew on my first legit day in the backcountry
Yeah Brenden
My setup

This got shreded, look closely
The end of the longest day in my life. Sledding aint no joke

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