Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crunk in the club

Everyone decided to party one night
jody, scott, Eman, and Derek
Amandas Pre party was going off
True Hommies
Caley and Jody
Get buck

Garfs Nightclub. Are you down?

the future

Kev and Clay threw down a sandbox party.
Andrew brought his pup Snoop dawg

Ontario reppin.
even hipper
Hit the park. Its pretty dry these days. Lil Steve back smith
Pivot fakie
Phil and Belzile surprised us all with a visit
So we got some drinks. Matty came too.
Came across dirks's window add at Showcase
Up close and personal
Tiene came up to board
We all went to Kadenwood. With a big group of friends i cant think of a better place to shred.

Phil shreds once a year. Ive been lucky enough to be there for the last 2.

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